NICU/Hospital Pictures NICU/Hospital Pictures Keira Birthday, September 1, 2007 190385138 Daddy and Keira Proud daddy and baby girl 190385139 Mommy and Keira First time mommy could see baby girl, September 2, 2007 190385140 Keira 190385141 Mommy and Keira Feeding tube surgery 190385142 Surgeon in TX 190385143 Daddy and Keira Right before surgery in TX 190385144 Mommy and Keira Right before surgery inTX 190385145 Mommy and Keira Going back to OR for surgery in TX, say "see ya later" 190385146 Keira After surgery in TX 190385147 Keira After surgery in TX 190385153 Keira Before Feeding Tube surgery 190385149 Mommy, Grandma, Auntie Melissa and Keira Feeding Tube surgery 190385150 Keira After feeding Tube surgery, She couldn't breathe on her own, on vent 190385151 Keira's ride to DuPont for major hip surgery 190385152 Keira After major hip surgery at DuPont Children's Hospital 190385154 Keira One of may sleep studies 190385148